Support for the working condition of modern computer and other electronic office equipment, of trade equipment requires profound professional knowledge and long experience experts in this field of activity.
      Modern technics is used in all acting companies. But not all they have a possibility to retain an highly qualified service engineer. We give a suitable services for such enterprises and institutions :



    SELLING AND SUPPORT IN SERVICE CENTER (repair warranty and after warranty) of :

    registrars of settlement operations  
    POS-appliance and peripherals 
    electronic weighing equipment   currency and securities detectors, banknote counters 
    bank payment terminals  energy-saving infrared heaters 
    stationery, dry erase boards and accessories for them  office equipment, consumables  
    accounting documents: accounting books, settlement receipts  
    marking equipment 
    means of communication  printing and trade equipment  
    local calculated networks 

About us
Enterprise "Infosystem-2" Ltd.
This is one of the most experienced service organizations in the western region of Ukraine in the field of computer technics and other electronic office equipment. The basic principle of work - the customer who purchased office equipment or software from enterprise must not have problems with their exploitation.
In early work we did a technical service of fixed computer machines series ES (Unified System of Electronic Computers) and SM (literally System of Mini Computers) and later a technical service of personal computers.
Since 1995 we became a dealer of 1C Company to accounting software implementation.
Later compicated electronic technics is more and more applied in the work and demand appeared for technical service support. So we have mastered the service of faxes, copying machines, mini ATS (mini Automated Telephone Systems) and other office equipment.
Row of computer manufacturers started to produce electronic cash registers (recorders of calculated operations) and we have started as their partners to introduction and service.
After the cash registers we have mastered a electronic weighing equipment, refrigeration equipment and other commercial equipment.
For all technics that are sold by us we ensure warranty and post warranty service.
With all manufacturers of electronic technics in Ukraine and manufacturers of software which are active in Ukraine the enterprise has established official partnerships.
Enterprise "Infosystem-2" Ltd. is a certified service center of productions Amazon, APC, Braun, Brother, Canon, Dell, Delongi, HP, Moulinex, Philips, Prestigio, Rowenta, Sinbo, Tefal, Viconte, Zelmer, Zyxel and other.
Enterprise Infosystem-2 Ltd. Is a member of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2001.

Enterprise "Infosystem" Ltd.
This - the authorized service center of registrars settlement operations (RSO) which serve large companies, mostly taxpayers on general grounds.

"Infosystem-Rivne" Ltd.
This - the authorized service center of registrars settlement operations (RSO) which serve small and medium-sized companies that are not VAT payer.

According to the National Business Rating data and to the International Economic Rating LEAGUE of the Best and according to the EUROPEAN STANDART RATING which is based on data from State Statistics of Ukraine Enterprise Infosystem Ltd. and Enterprise Infosystem-2 Ltd. repeatedly recognized as a Branch Leader for the last years.

Our Presentation
Welcome to our presentation of the Enterprise Infosystem - 2 Ltd. / UA  and  Gerrit Menkveld / NL, Ukraine - city Rivne (in Slideshare.net, data from tel. of 12.2012): 


Enterprise "Infosystem" Ltd.; Enterprise "Infosystem-2" Ltd.;  "Infosystem-Rivne" Ltd.

Lionokombinativska Str., 3, UA-33022 city Rivne, Ukraine

tel/fax +38 (0362) 65-18-27,  tel. +38 (0362) 65-10-77, 65-02-22, 65-11-17

(languages for tel: Ukrainian, Russian)

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(languages for internet-communication: Ukrainian, Englich, German, Polish, Czech and other languages)

Increase the international qualifications and Business Research
12.2002-09.2003 / stipend. Own research project: "About economic cooperation and investment promotion of small and medium-sized companies in Germany and in Ukraine". / German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin): "Department of Innovation, Industry and Service" and:  
- Scientific support. Participation in scientific postgraduate seminars. / DIW Berlin. Germany.
- Participation at the industry conference / DIW Berlin. Mai 2003. Germany – Berlin. 
- Participation in ISI 54 th Session. August 2003. Germany - Berlin.
- Participation in Congress "Statistical Week ". August 2003. Germany - Potsdam.
Humboldt University of Berlin. Business studies (Betriebswirtschaftslehre - BWL). Faculty of Economic Sciences. Programmed study without graduation. DSH.
09.2001 „Entrepreneurs meet Entrepreneurs“, Platform for new business relationships!" German - Ukrainian cooperation Meeting . Lviv, September 2001. / Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). Federal German Association of Innovation, Technology and Business Incubation Centers (ADT). The Spice Group. Lviv Polytechnic National University. Preparation and translation of information in Berlin for this international cooperation meeting. Participation in the Round Table "Medical Technics" and support in its realization in Lviv. / Ukraine - Lviv.
07-09.2001 / stipend. Participation in Managers' Training Initiative of Ukraine / Transform, InWEnt (now GIZ), East West center Bavaria (OWZ Bayern). Munich. Card. Certificate. And:
- The following companies and instititutions were visited: WL Gore & Associates GmbH, Biotech Cluster Development GmbH – Bio M, Invest in Bavaria, Bavaria International, CBTL GmbH, ZEGO, Siemens AG. / Germany.
- Practice in the firm Technostart business and technology consulting GmbH, Director - Dr. Karl-Heinz Klinger. Certificate. / Germany - Berlin.
03.2001 Participation in skills seminar "Promoting and supporting international business cooperation between small and medium sized enterprises in Ukraine and Germany".  Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). Federal German Association of Innovation, Technology and Business Incubation Centers (ADT).The Spice Group. Lviv Polytechnic National University. March 2001. / Ukraine - Slavsko.
11.1999 Participation in Training "The sources to increase the effectiveness of the organization". LIM - Lviv. MIM - Kyiv. CEUME - Kyiv. USAID - USA. / Ukraine.